Into The Cloud

Organisations and individuals use the cloud to store, manage and process data via a network of remote servers, rather than storage devices and hard disks. If you found this article through the internet, you’ve probably been using the cloud for a couple of years now without realizing it. Scrolling through Instagram or sending your boss an email, you’ve either uploaded or downloaded data via the cloud.

Source: Amazon Web Services

Netflix, the leader in digital streaming, credits their global success to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest cloud provider. AWS enables Netflix to use thousands of global servers within minutes allowing users to stream content from anywhere in the world through the web, tablets and mobile devices. These services have given Netflix the freedom to improve interfaces, interactions, features and add new content through customer-specific algorithms. These’s services allow Netflix to deliver a personalised streaming experience to their users and dominate the market streaming market.

Source: Intricately

Digital marketers are gaining deeper insights into their target markets with the aid of cloud computing. With these insights, users can be given personalised products and services based with tools such as machine learning, real-time big data analytics and the internet of things. These insights create advantages over competitors, organisations who chose a traditional way of doing business under-perform in the market and will be forced into cloud-based services. Organisations who outsource their data centers to the cloud will benefit from its cost-efficiency, scalability and high-speed innovation capability.

The future of cloud computing seems promising, but with large volumes of data going to the cloud, the need for security and privacy becomes a pressing issue. Cloud providers must honour our data and safety.

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  1. Great points Neel! My question is; as there are many advantages for using cloud storage, What are some of the problems that cloud storage may cause to companies such as Netflix? What do you think are some of the steps they must take in order to minimise these problems?


    1. Thanks Michael! I think huge companies like Netflix can not solely rely on public cloud services like AWS. They should operate via a hybrid cloud system having part of their data stored in-house and partly outsourced. One problem is that they are relying on a third party to handle their user’s data. If AWS crashes so does Netflix.


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