The Fintech Giant

You don’t have to be an “Intelligent Investor” or have “One Up on Wall Street” to have heard the term Fintech floating around in your local conversations. Fintech sit’s in the core of this digitally robust world,  yet many do not know the products or services that fall under its category.

FinTech is short for ‘Financial Technology’, it encompasses new technological innovation that competes with traditional financial services. This includes algorithm-driven Robo-advisers that manage and customize your investment portfolios, crowdfunding apps and mobile payment apps such as PayNow and GrabPay.

Fintech (financial technology) and the European Union: State of ...
Source: EP Think Tank

Goldman Sachs estimates the industry to be worth US$4.7 trillion, and with more than 12,000 start-ups saturating the market, efficient digital marketing strategy is vital to establish a competitive edge.

Companies that are customer-centric and meet the needs of their target market develop awareness and loyal customers. Only 28% of millennial have an effective investment understanding and 7 out of 10 customers prefer finding a company via online articles, rather than ads, thus companies that engage in educational content creation build stronger relationships with customers. Video marketing with the aid of micro-influences increases brands awareness by 54%, critical for a Fintech start-up.

Some attititudes regarding FinTech according to The FinTech Revolution infographic by the World Retail Banking Report 2016 - source and more formats in press release
Source: i-scoop

With the growing adoption of the Fintech industry, digital marketing is method to expand and build a loyal customer base in order to gain customer trust.

What Fintech apps do you currently use and how did they build your trust?

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