‘Big Tech’ on Demand

Various governments have administered stay-at-home orders to mitigate the pandemic we face. Oil prices at a low, unemployment at a high and many companies face bankruptcy. While people are told to work from home and social distance, this pandemic has increased our reliance on technology.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix have added 15.8 million new subscribers to their services, a growth of 22% year over year. A survey from Statista found that 85% of Americans who pay for digital video subscriptions were Netflix users. The company’s stock valuation has reached an all-time high.

Netflix share of paid digital video subscribers in the US
Source: Statista

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, said that it was hiring 100,000 workers to meet surging demand as physical retailers were forced to close their doors. 14% of new online groceries shoppers landed on Amazon’s homepage. As customer behaviour moves to online sales, Amazon Prime membership has boomed.

Companies such as Apple and Google have created alliances with public health authorities to develop ‘contact tracing’ applications. In the future, digital marketers may use these tracking applications to further advance indoor and outdoor geofencing capabilities. This would enable marketing teams to personalize their user’s mobile experience with location-based services and they would gain insights into customers through location data.

Would you opt-in for these contract tracing applications?

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  1. Interesting to see how much of the market Netflix has! Personally, I am a Netflix user but if there will not be as much new content on the service as a result of the pandemic, I might look to using other services such as Stan to get new movies and tv shows to watch.

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  2. I’ve been solely a Netflix users for years. Thanks for sharing Netflix has a $4 mobile subscription plan – I didnt know that!
    I’ve tried Amazon Prime video and decided to stick to Netflix. I’ve contemplated also subscribing for Disney+ since all the Marvel, DC series are on that platform but since Netflix has the greatest variety of shows I think I will stick to them for now.


  3. Contract tracking applications can offer different customers with different services, which is a great and more effective way to attract customers and help customers to find suitable services!!


  4. I agree, companies can deliver personalised ads and products based on an individuals location. However, we must make sure that our security and privacy is not compromised.


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