Here In The Now

I’ve been told a countless number of times, unfortunately I forget the most potent truth towards living a life of fulfilment. Guru’s, books and mindfulness apps have reminded me, but yet, I forget. This piece of wisdom has been passed from generation to generation since the time of Gautama the Buddha, yet I forget the most fundamental truth. 

This truth is that life, internal peace and happiness is found in the present moment. I know, it sounds so simple, but yet, a paradigm changing truth.

We have been given this powerful intellectual property called the mind. It has bought us civilisation, community and culture, but has also bought us existential angst, egotism and mass extinction. Thoughts about the past or the future have diluted our present moment. These lingering thoughts only bring panic and never internal peace. Thus, we seek habitual escapism to clear our internal mind.

To find peace, a practice of mindfulness must be cultivated. Where there is focus in the present moment without judgement of negative thoughts. 

Even I, the author of this blog post will fall into existential angst from time to time. With the aid of a paper, a pen and a few deep breaths, I can once again find my center and ground myself in the now. 

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